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The WorldatWork Association Board of Directors and the Society for Certified Professionals Board are two separate volunteer boards. Both boards work together to assure the strong and effective oversight of the association and the further advancement of its mission to support rewards and HR professionals around the globe. Evolving WorldatWork’s governance to sync with the operating environment and professional challenges ahead is a critical success factor to the association’s future.

The decision to move from having one board to creating two separate boards in January 2012 was guided by these considerations:

  • The environment in which total rewards professionals operate continues to grow more complicated as each year passes. The need for knowledge, expertise and deepening skill sets, coupled with the global scope of rewards, requires a greater focus on stewardship of the Association’s strategy and resources to meet the demands for rich, relevant and valuable content.
  • Nonprofit association oversight and compliance has become increasingly complex, requiring more time, expertise, accountability and historical knowledge of the Association from its volunteer leaders to make decisions that will benefit WorldatWork members in the long term.
  • The Association’s governance is comprised of leaders who practice in the HR and rewards field. Those individuals who serve WorldatWork consider their service to be both a privilege and a way to give back more broadly to the profession. Volunteer leaders, while receiving reimbursement for reasonable expenses relating to their attendance at Board meetings, have always served the Association without compensation. Funds expended on governance have been and will continue to be managed very conservatively.

The WorldatWork Association Board of Directors provides oversight of the organization’s operational and financial matters, future strategic resource investments, and succession planning for both governance and senior staff leadership positions. In addition to their fiduciary oversight role, the Association Board works closely with the Society Board to establish priorities and allocate resources to meet WorldatWork’s strategic objectives.

WorldatWork Society of Certified Professionals Board Of Directors has responsibility to oversee the advancement of WorldatWork's professional strategy. The Society Board serves as the voice of the TR profession by:

  • Providing direction and counsel regarding critical knowledge and competencies of the total rewards profession
  • Advancing the state of the profession and its members
  • Promoting ongoing standards of competency and conduct within the profession, and
  • Ensuring that certification programs remain rigorous, relevant, current and complete.

The WorldatWork Councils serve WorldatWork as strategic thought leaders, and are comprised of members who are collaborators and catalysts for action representing their specific knowledge area and total rewards. Councils act as advocates for the profession and the organization.

The following Councils address topics and issues related to specific TR content areas, and include:

  • Total Rewards Expert Council
  • Sales Compensation Expert Council
  • Executive Rewards Advisory Council
  • Local Network Expert Council
  • Journal Editorial Advisory Council

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