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FLSA Exemption Testing 101

Learn the basic requirements for exemption from FLSA requirements and how to determine the FLSA classification of a job using exemption tests.

Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the U.S. is a major responsibility of compensation and rewards professionals. In this highly interactive session, ideal for comp newcomers, attendees will learn the basic requirements for exemption from FLSA requirements and how to determine the FLSA classification of a job using each of the exemption tests: executive, administrative, learned professional, creative professional, computer professional and outside sales. Beyond the tests themselves, this session will also share strategies for thinking through the more nuanced or tough-to-classify jobs.

Organizations need to determine whether their U.S. jobs are subject to FLSA overtime pay requirements. Exemption tests provide a framework for working through the individual requirements for exemption, but the nuance of individual jobs and responsibilities can make this a challenging task. Understanding the basics of FLSA exemption testing is the first step to ensuring that your organization’s jobs are correctly classified.

Key takeaways from this session:
• A basic understanding of the FLSA and requirements for exemption
• How to classify a job under each of the FLSA exemption tests
• Strategies for thinking through nuanced or tough-to-classify jobs
• An overview of helpful resources

This session is ideal for emerging and mid-level professionals who are new to compensation.

Steven Greene

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