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Innovative Employee Programs That Incent Healthy Behaviors While Controlling Costs

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Includes a Case Study Review of the State of Connecticut’s Health Enhancement Program (HEP)! Despite their popularity, many workplace wellness programs yield mixed results. Convincing employees to get moving and adopt healthy change isn’t easy. However, implementing an evidence-based health activation program that aligns benefits and incentives as its foundation can be the catalyst to keep your employees healthy and your organization thriving. These innovative programs use real clinical data and the right mix of incentives to engage all employees and lower costs.

In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of what makes a value-based insurance plan so effective and unique. You’ll learn how to create and implement a value-based benefit design that aligns with your workplace’s culture and understand the importance of financial incentives that drive engagement and foster better long-term health. You’ll also gain insight on how to track and report program results against desired outcomes.

Explore the ‘what’ and ‘how to’ of high performing programs as the presenters review the case study of the nation’s largest value-based wellness program the state of Connecticut’s Health Enhancement Program (HEP). HEP, which started in 2012, has achieved strong results as published in national journals such as Health Affairs. The presenters will also provide an opportunity to assess your company’s readiness for implementing a value-based benefit design and hear different strategies for success.

In this course, learn how to:
• Build a 360-degree view participants health based on a vast collection of data and analytics
• Incorporate carrots and sticks to drive behavior change
• Create targeted and personalized communications strategies
• Employ principals of behavioral economics to overcome psychosocial barriers to care
• Measure results

Watch the session and learn how to better engage your employees and lower costs! After the course, download a health activation program overview guide that outlines key elements that drive success.

Karen Possidente-Leibiger
Robert Krzys
Maryann Videtto

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