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Modernizing Your Pay-for-Performance Framework

Learn how pay-for-performance has evolved, examine new thinking on modernizing performance management, and hear more about going ratingless.

Are you spending a lot of money every year to pay for performance but not seeing an impact? Watch this virtual course to learn how pay for performance has evolved, examine new thinking on modernizing performance management and hear more about going rating less. Explore the latest research and trends on pay for performance and performance management and hear what many companies are doing in this space.

Our expert presenter shares a new approach to rewarding for performance through the development of an overarching pay-for-performance framework including a more modern way to guide managers in making effective pay decisions. Finally, you’ll walk through a case study on how one company deployed this approach.

In this session, you’ll learn:

• Why the traditional approach to pay for performance doesn’t work and how it’s evolved.
• How organizations can use the employee value proposition to effectively and specifically define performance and align each definition more directly with the different elements of both pay and other reward programs.
• How to use an overarching pay-for-performance framework to help better define the performance-pay paradigm so you can develop a logical and practical approach to any changes being made in performance management including going rating less.
• How to develop tools that HR can use to enable managers to make more effective pay decisions including a replacement for the merit matrix.
• Future considerations engaging all employees in the process by designing a consumer-driven approach to rewarding for performance.

Lori Wisper

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