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Sales Compensation and COVID-19 - Should you make changes? When? How?

The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed business conditions, including a shift in priorities for sales teams. Salespeople may have trouble getting appointments with prospects, demand may decrease substantially, and supply chain issues may result in stock-outs. At the same time, we will continue to see significant increases in demand for products or services.

With little understanding of the extent and duration of the unfolding situation, how should sales compensation plans be adjusted, and when? We will discuss best practice processes for determining plan adjustments, as well as specific options for a few of the most commonly-faced business challenges today: significant reduction in realistic sales expectations, excess sales capacity and how to use it well, income preservation for salespeople most seriously affected, and managing runaway compensation costs in cases of extraordinarily high demand.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How much change in business conditions should result in changes in compensation plans
  • The importance of establishing clear business goals, a process, and accountability for recommending and managing the changes
  • Ideas for ways to fully utilize sales talent even if full-time focus on selling is not an option
  • Specific recommendations for the most common business objectives: unattainable quotas, excess sales capacity, income preservation for sellers, and sales way beyond expectations.

Donya Rose | Consultant, Sales Compensation

Donya Rose is a consultant focused on sales compensation plan design; she has assisted clients in the design of hundreds of sales compensation plans since that became her focus in 1999. She started her sales compensation consulting at Towers Perrin, and later left to found The Cygnal Group. Her passion is practical value-creating compensation plan design, supported by thorough modeling to anticipate effects of proposed plans on individuals and the company. Donya holds a MS in Operations Research from UNC-Chapel Hill, is a member of WorldatWork’s Sales Compensation Expert Council, and holds the WorldatWork CSCP designation.

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