Turn Your Compensation Spreadsheet Into a Secure, Multi-User Business Application
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Improve your compensation review process with SecureSheet.

SecureSheet is easily tailored to be your merit, bonus, and incentive compensation management software for all your compensation plans. Our cloud-based secure spreadsheet software is accessible from anywhere users have access to a web browser.

It’s easy, fast, secure, and effective. Simply: 1. Upload your spreadsheet with your formulas, formats and validations. 2. Add user-defined security that controls precisely what users can do with the data. 3. Immediately share one SecureSheet with no risk of confusion or risk of multiple versions.

During this live demo, we’ll walk through an annual merit process to collect rating and merit increases and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

You will see how SecureSheet improves the efficiency and security of real-time data management, personalized statement production, and back-end and management reporting, while enforcing company budget and business controls.

In this tech demo, attendees will learn:

  • How to leverage your existing spreadsheet with unlimited users quickly and securely
  • How to avoid typical pitfalls experienced during the compensation review cycle
  • How to improve and simplify your compensation review cycle using SecureSheet
Registration is now closed.

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Joe Holland
Co-Founder, SecureSheet Technologies

Joe is one of the inventors and architects of SecureSheet and has over 30 years of business systems experience. Prior to founding SecureSheet, Joe was a Co-founder of Atlas Commerce, Inc., a leading provider of Global Sourcing software for Fortune 500 companies.

He was also the top Major Accounts Sales Consultant for Systems & Computer Technology, as well as Software Manager for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

Joe Leary
VP Sales at SecureSheet Technologies

Joe Leary got his start in the HR space when he was a salesman for MSA in the mid 80's. MSA built the 1st packaged HR software application in the industry. At the time, over 50% of the payroll checks cut in the US were run on MSA 's mainframe software and Joe sold a lot of them. Since then, Joe has held sales management positions at a number of technology companies including industry leaders such as Oracle, Accenture and HP. He has also worked for a number of software startups going back to the dotcom heyday of the early 2000's.

His experiences have transcended the mainframe era to the mini computer and the AS400, to client server and now cloud applications.

Joe is proud of his track record of working for software companies that pride themselves on customer success and nothing could be truer than his experience at SecureSheet where he is beginning his 6th year as head of sales.