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As you know, having immediate access to reliable, accurate information is critical to helping me do my job to the best of my ability and meet our deadlines. While I can dig around online and hope to find a good solution each time I have a challenge, I've found a trusted, go-to source that will help be more productive and efficient all the time.

WorldatWork, the leading association for total rewards professionals, provides its members with unrestricted, exclusive access to a wealth of content at its website. The content covers all areas of total rewards, including everything my position entails. I would like your approval to become a WorldatWork member because tapping into its member-only tutorials, tips, surveys, white papers, topic briefs, videos and network will increase my output exponentially.

I also want to point out that WorldatWork members receive significant discounts on training (much of which is offered online), certification preparation, conferences, books and webinars. The cost to become a new member for the first year is only $350. After that, it's $265 a year to renew (a very low investment that will pay for itself many times over). Thank you for your consideration. Let me know if you have any questions.

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