WorldatWork designates October as Pay Equity Month!

This is your portal to knowledge, strategies and solutions that address one of the most important issues facing the workplace – and society-at-large – today.

When tackling critical workplace issues, like pay equity, WorldatWork provides perspective, insight and guidance. Our vision is a world of productive, committed and rewarded workforces that enable organizations to deliver on their customer promises and achieve their desired outcomes.

Pay Equity Podcasts

EP 27: We Can Work it Out

October 1, 2019

Tom and Charles talk about bridging the generation gap: sometime in the 2020s, older boomers and millennials will be middle aged! This week’s guests includes Karina Cabrera Bell, co-founder of OpenAccess, and entrepreneur & speaker, Eric Termuende.

EP 22: Zilosophical Musings on Diversity, Golf and Other Things

August 27, 2019

Rework Work's CEO Stacey Gordon discusses the importance of “intentionality” in promoting more authentically diverse workplaces, and “stand up philosopher” Michael Zildjian tees up his thoughts on “zilosophy.”.

WorldatWork President & CEO
Scott Cawood Talks Pay Equity

"Time to Close the Pay Equity Gap"

"Southwest Airlines Pilot, Tammie Jo Shults, & Pay Equity"

See more from Scott on Pay Equity!

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Pay Equity Must Reads

Journey to the Center of Pay Equity

Given that pay equity is top-of-mind for many employers, employees and potential candidates, pay transparency is key — and technology can help you get there.

Pay Equity Surveys

This report summarizes that while a slight majority of organizations are addressing pay equity in their workplaces, one third are still only considering doing the necessary work, and seven percent say pay equity is not on their company’s radar.

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