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Think Dilbert meets Marc Maron (host of the popular WTF podcast).  Or, imagine Steven Colbert dropping into an executive meeting to poke holes in your open enrollment communications strategy. 

Work in Progress is a 30-minute podcast that takes on the day’s most pressing workplace issues with a healthy mix of insight, wit and irreverence. Hosts Tom Alexander, an award-winning radio broadcaster and producer, and Charles Epstein, Workspan’s NSFW humor columnist, engage guests from people in the field – practitioners, brokers, vendors - and people outside the field, including prominent business execs, and those in the world of sports, media and entertainment, to lend relatable perspectives on their day-to-day personal and business challenges.


Meet the Hosts

Tom Alexander is an award-winning broadcaster, producer and ( jazz) recording artist; Charles Epstein is a humorist (NSFW columnist) and business communications specialist. Alexander and Epstein have been a creative team for over a decade, producing and co-hosting two nationally syndicated radio shows (Off-the-Wire, the Sportsman’s Daily Weekend Show), and collaborating on an assortment of multi-media projects (including their latest, an authoritative guide to losers and losing called, appropriately, Loser, which is currently in development).

Tom Alexander grew up in his family’s cinema business. This early exposure to film and music served as the inspiration for a career that’s included screenwriting and composing music for radio, TV, film and his own bands. Tom is also a voiceover artist and Silver Microphone Award-winning broadcaster in the areas of sports, comedy, entertainment and jazz.

Charles Epstein is a humorist (NSFW columnist, formerly a Huffington Post satire columnist) and business communications specialist (founder and President of BackBone, Inc., a marketing and public relations firm specializing in technology and workforce management). He has also developed a number of employee engagement and communications platforms, including PEAQuest (“immersive” health and wellness assessments), Weekender (moves wellness to the weekends) and mBARC (a business mobility and Duty of Care platform).

EP 22: Zilosophical Musings on Diversity, Golf and Other Things

August 27, 2019

Rework Work's CEO Stacey Gordon discusses the importance of “intentionality” in promoting more authentically diverse workplaces, and “stand up philosopher” Michael Zildjian tees up his thoughts on “zilosophy.”

EP 21: WIP Gets Certified

August 20, 2019

Guests Scott Cawood, CEO of WorldatWork and Amy Dufrane, CEO of the HR Certification Institute (or HRCI) talk about the evolution and future of certification in the HR field.

EP 20: California Dreamin'

August 13, 2019

We take a break from the sweltering heat with a trip to the somewhat more temperate West Coast to speak with architect Brian Wickersham (in LA) and business consultant Lucinda Jackson (in SF) on her diverse experiences in corporate and academic worlds.

EP 19: The WIP Book Club

August 6, 2019

In this episode we interview novelist Andrew Krivak, whose debut novel was a National Book Award finalist. We discuss his process, his influences and the latest novel he's working on.

EP 18: It’s Getting Better all the Time

July 30, 2019

Tom and Charles talk about their more bizarre job "auditions." Guests Jude Sotherland tells us a funny story about pay equity (and more) and veteran character actor John Kapelos takes us inside the business.

EP 17: Bringing the Heat

July 23, 2019

Tom and Charles debate the merits of bringing your pooch to work. Dan Cafaro, Workspan’s Editor in Chief, joins us to discuss what they’re covering in upcoming issues, and Miami Heat broadcaster Jason Jackson discusses the organization’s tight-knit, “championship” culture.

EP 16: Game Changers

July 16, 2019

Get to know Ron Swoboda, NY Mets legend, who tells the inside story of the Miracle Mets of 1969 and his iconic catch. We're also joined by Rick Smith, CEO of Axon, developers of solutions promoting safer, and more effective law enforcement.

EP 15: The Summer Getaway Episode

July 9 ,2019

This week's theme is centered around "great adventures." Guests include Nate Martin, CEO of Puzzle Break, a escape room game experience for corporate team-building and Sahara Rose, travel coach and founder of the Travel Coach Network (TCN).

EP 14: From Toronto to SF in Just Over 60 Highly Entertaining Minutes

July 2, 2019

In the longest WIP on record, Tom and Charles discuss the attention-shriveling influence of social media addiction, visit with Noah Bass, CEO and founder of WorkCentive and with Wendy Cook, Head of Production at Trademark Event Productions.

EP 13: The Breakfast Edition

June 25, 2019

In this episode, Tom and Charles speak with Ruchir Sehra, CEO of Resonea, developers of Drowzle, a sleep management app and Taro Fukuyama, CEO of Fond, a rewards and recognition platform that he co-founded in a Taco Bell parking lot!

EP 12: The Future is Here…It’s Just Unevenly Distributed

June 18, 2019

Our hosts chat with Cisco’s Ashley Goodall who discusses his fascinating new book, Nine Lies About Work and digital anthropologist Brian Stolis, who gives us revealing glimpses into the future of work.

EP 11: The HR Horror Show

June 11, 2019

Our most horrific episode to date! We talk about "employee ghosting," then speak with Virgin Pulse CEO David Osborne and introduce HR Horror Stories with Workspan editor Stephanie Rotundo.

EP 10: Layers, Guns and Money

June 4, 2019

We discuss the new definition of business casual. Then speak with Louis Klarevas, author of "Rampage Nation" about gun violence and talk to the founders of Syndio about using AI to address pay equity.

EP 9: Racking Up Frequent Flyer Miles from the Comfort of One's Studio

May 21, 2019

This episode features Dale Cook, CEO & Co-Found at Learn to Live and Steven Berstein, American expat film maker who tells us what it's like to live, work and make films in the "cradle of Western Civilization."

EP 8: Live at Total Rewards 2019: Part Two

May 21, 2019

Live at TR our hosts chat with David Foote, Chief Analyst & Chief Research Officer, Foote Partners, about paying tech workers and how to build tomorrow’s technology solutions today. They’re then joined by Sheila Sever and Pete DeBellis from Deloitte Consulting, to discuss everything from retaining talent to programs that help employees pay off their student debt.


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