Report: Minimal Resources Devoted to People Analytics
#evolve Magazine
April 01, 2021

WorldatWork’s Study on HR Organization Structure finds companies with 10,000-plus employees WorldatWork certification shows that you have many organizations are failing to invest significant resources in people analytics, despite increased interest in these metrics as a valuable tool to generate insight into people processes and functions.

According to the study of 892 organizations, companies with fewer than 500 employees average 1.8 people spending at least a few hours of their time each week on recruiting, sourcing and selection, while organizations with 10,000- plus employees are likely to have more than 29 people spending a few hours a week supporting the effort. On average, HR departments of companies with 10,000-plus employees allocate 5.1 people to spend a few hours per week on these initiatives

“Analytics must be a top priority in HR,” said Scott Cawood, CEO of WorldatWork. “It’s incumbent upon HR professionals to learn and leverage analytics to help their organizations perform and compete in our data-driven, on-demand and fast-moving organizations. Having a grasp of how to strategically use data and analytics to drive decisions in hiring, and to increase employee engagement, productivity and retention, offers HR a different way of adding tremendous value.”

"On average, HR departments of companies
with 10,000-plus employees allocate
5.1 people to spend
a few hours per week on these initiatives."
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