Attraction & Retention: The Impact and Prevalence of Work-Life and Benefit Programs


WorldatWork conducted a survey to identify the prevalence and perceptions of programs that are used to attract and/or retain talent, with a specific focus on benefit and work-life programs. The findings presented in this report confirm many of the assumptions surrounding leading-edge and/or innovative practices, as well as show the overall perceptions of m any widespread attraction and retention programs. Fixed and variable compensation program s specifically were excluded from this survey.

Survey Results

Executive Summary

Employers recognize that total rewards programs beyond compensation are needed to attract, motivate and retain today’s workforc e. Most organizations of fer a wide array of benefit and work-life programs to attract and retain employees . Many of these programs are low-cos t but highly valued by employees . This perceived value by employees is essential for a total rewards strategy to be successful. This survey identifies 41 separate total rewards programs and reports the perceiv ed impact on attraction and retention in the participating organizat i on’s talent pool.

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