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A Supplement to the WorldatWork Executive Rewards Questionary


Today’s practitioners who are responsible for designing compensation plans are working under a microscope as they never have before. They must navigate an intricate system of diverse global business criteria while weighing internal and external competitiveness, accounting for investor and media reaction, and complying with a multitude of regulatory disclosure and transparency requirements. The WorldatWork Executive Rewards Questionary, or list of key questions to consider in the design and implementation of executive pay systems, was created for these practitioners. It is the one and only comprehensive list of questions that should be reviewed and carefully considered when either creating or modifying an executive pay plan.

Survey Results

This WorldatWork sponsored research report responds to a question that was posed since the publication of the Questionary: Would the use of this one-of-a- kind tool have had any effect on some of the highly publicized and embarrassing executive compensation situations of the past decade. The simple answer, as shown in this report, is yes.

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