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Employee compensation and rewards play a critical role in the ability for large and complex global organizations to attract, motivate and retain the talent they need to be successful. When planned strategically and done well, rewards can be used to differentiate a company from its competitors, drive cultural and operational consistency or emphasize key cultural and operational differences within a company and/or from country-to-country. WorldatWork first surveyed its members in 2004 on these issues, in partnership with a consulting firm. The 2004 survey established a benchmark for U.S. multinationals in three key areas: global compensation structure and strategy, global tools and systems, and global compensation targets and vehicles. The 2008 update of that survey provides the beginning of a trend line for these data. View results below.

Survey Results

Summary of Key Findings

This report summarizes the results of a survey conducted in July 2008 by WorldatWork to update a survey first conducted in 2004. The results of the 2008 update to the WorldatWork Global Compensation Practices survey reveal that large, U.S. multinational companies remain fairly evenly split with regard to how they approach their global compensation structure.

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