Job Evaluation and Market Pricing Practices


This report summarizes the results of aWorldatWork members survey, to measure the growing trend in the use of market pricing to evaluate job worth. This survey was conducted to explore the trends in job evaluation methods (both internal and external) and provide useful information about the most common market pricing practices in use today.

Survey invitations were sent electronically to 5,573 WorldatWork members . Members invited to participate were randomly selected from those who have the word “compensation” in his/her title.

Survey Results

Executive Summary

The majority of organizations have a compensation philosophy in place that drives their practices. The competing labor market typically determines job worth and market pricing is the most prevalent job evaluation method. The definition of labor market is specific to job type. The higher the position, the more broad the labor market. For example, national data is used to evaluate senior management roles while local and/or industry-specific data is used for production-level positions. Several companies use at least two, and often times three or more, survey sources to evaluate each job.

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