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This report presents the results of the WorldatWork/ Sibson Study on The State of Performance Management, which indicate mixed reviews concerning the state of performance management.

While organizations still consider performance management as a means to achieve business objectives and differentiate high performers from low performers, there seem to be many challenges that impede an organization’s ability to achieve effective performance management.

Survey Results


The results o f the WorldatWork/ Sibson 2010 Study on The State of Performance Management indicate that improvement in performance management is needed in many organizations and that performance management is generally stronger in higher-performing companies. In general, this has not changed since the study was conducted in 2007. While some organizations ar e effective in using performance management to differentiate high performers fro m low performers, many still struggle to move performance management from an HR process to something that is business-critical to the organization. Particularly in a time of economic struggle, when improving business results is essential, driving performance management through leadership support and effective execution ( e.g ., proper goal alignment and delivery of performance messages) is critical. Leadership support remains important even during better economic times, as was the case during the 2007 study.

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