Sales Quota Practices Survey

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The survey includes responses from 83 people across a range of key quota ‐ related topics.

Survey Results

Executive Summary

  1. Results during these challenging economic times appear to be more positive

    1. 46% reported performing “better than industry”

    2. Only 33% provided the same positive answer in our 2010 sales operations survey

  2. Majority of salespeople are performing at or above goal – although companies generally target more to be at higher achievement levels than actually occurs–While 56% have at least half of reps above goal, only 39% have at least “60% or reps above pgypgoal”

    1. Meanwhile, for those with targeted attainment results, 55% desire to have at least “60% of reps above goal”

    2. Counter to best practice, 23% of those with targets desire fewer than “50% of reps above goal”

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