Variable Pay and Organizational Performance

Survey Brief


To determine the prevalence and the effectiveness of variable pay programs that are most commonly used in organizations today, WorldatWork partnered with Dow Scott (Professor of Human Resources, Loyola University Chicago) and Hay Group, LLC to conduct a survey of WorldatWork members. Respondents were asked to describe and evaluate their variable pay programs for management and professional employees as they related to: ƒ

  • Prevalence of design and administrative features of variable pay programs ƒ
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Communication and implementation of variable pay strategies and programs

Survey Results

Overall Response to Variable Pay Programs

Seventy percent (70%) of respondents believed that variable pay was important to very important to the success of their organizations’ competitive strategy. Furthermore, 36% believed that it is moderately important for most employee groups and 44% believed that variable pay is important for all employee groups.

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