Help your employees optimize their benefits. Save them thousands. Pasito makes it possible.

The all-in-one software offered as a company-provided benefit increases employee financial health and well-being with personalized insights. U.S.-based employees can see how much they can save on taxes year after year through deductions, credits, and maximization of employer-provided benefits. They can run multiple financial scenarios to uncover thousands of dollars in savings in minutes. Plus, they get access to Pasito’s certified financial professionals at a click of a button.

For HR teams, this means a streamlined benefits experience where they can gain greater insight into their employee benefits usage and adoption simply by accessing their analytics dashboard. HR is also able to reduce the time invested in addressing individual finance- and tax-related questions by directing employees to Pasitio’s professionals. The end result? HR enjoys greater benefits engagement with their current packages, bigger payroll tax savings, and assistance in meeting their non-discrimination goals.

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