Sales Compensation

Effectively Incentivize the Revenue Generators on Your Team.

For the vast majority of companies, gaining and sustaining traction and momentum in the marketplace depends upon a motivated sales force.

WorldatWork can teach you how to meet the challenge of designing sales compensation strategies that work in today’s complex environment.

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Designing a Sales Compensation Plan with the Customer in Mind

By taking a marketing-oriented, customer-focused approach to sales compensation management, a company can ensure that its sales force is driven to achieve the most desired results. Success for the customer means success for the sales organization. We will discuss how to design a sales compensation plan that aligns with different sales approaches for a customer's dominant needs.

The Importance of Conducting Sales Compensation Health Checks

B-to-B companies should perform health checks on their sales compensation plans at least twice a year; quarterly is ideal.

Changing Your Approach to Non-Cash Incentives for Sales Can Have Game-Changing Results

The success of sales and channel performance depends on an organization’s ability to keep sales goals and compensation aligned, efficiently execute sales strategies, maintain visibility into operations and salesforce productivity, and ultimately, drive increases in sales results. With so many moving parts, it’s no surprise that sales performance management continues to challenge organizations across every industry.

Sales Compensation Certification

The Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP)® designation signifies that you have the critical knowledge to design, administrate, evaluate and manage sales compensation programs that attract, motivate, engage and retain dynamic sales representatives and teams.

The CSCP is earned with the passing score of a single competency-based exam. WorldatWork offers extensive exam preparations for this and other professional designations.

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