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A Better Way to Do Good


HR leaders looking to build a successful corporate social responsibility (CSR) program need look no further than partnering with nonprofits.

In doing so, HR leaders can reduce paperwork and help their organizations reap other benefits with CSR initiatives, according to an article in the February issue of Workspan magazine. Bottom line: Building alliances with nonprofits will help your organization reach its social responsibility goals.

Partnering with a nonprofit is a “better way to do good,” wrote Karen Noe, director of global partner relations with nonprofit Rise Against Hunger.

Noe explained that today’s added emphasis on social awareness is fueled by the 81% of Millennials who expect employers to make a public commitment to good corporate citizenship. The good news? HR professionals can reach out to ― and lean on ― existing nonprofit partners to help them reach their CSR goals, she writes.

Successful CSR relationships are born when employers connect their commitment to do social good with causes that employees embrace. Noe cited her own organization’s partnership with Kraft Heinz, a food industry giant committed to eliminating world hunger.

If that connection isn’t clear, she explained, employers can use today’s tech tools, such as Yammer and other collaborative platforms, to ask employees directly about meaningful volunteer experiences — a form of crowdsourcing.

The article offers advice and perspective, focusing on research that shows how coming together for a common cause creates genuine rapport among teams and customers, and helps drive engagement and retention, all of which can boost the bottom line.

Employers leading the way in social change find ways — in volunteerism and proactively identifying the right strategic nonprofit partner — to empower employees to be charitable and more committed to the company.


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