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Culture and Leadership Are Key to a Good Employee Experience

Employees across the globe are more likely to leave their organization than they were a year ago.


This is according to O.C. Tanner’s “2020 Global Culture Report,” which found that 59% of the more than 20,000 employees surveyed would leave their current job for a similar one at a different company with the same pay and benefits. That compares with 55% of employees who said this a year ago.

The study found that just 42% of employees rate their experience as positive or extremely positive. Additionally, just 45% of employees reported that they had a peak moment in the past month.

Over the past few years, the phrase “employee experience” has become associated with the employee lifecycle, which effectively takes a time-based view of significant career events from pre-hire to post-retire (or separation).

Organizations have concentrated their employee experience efforts on these major milestones in an employee’s time with the company: when they are hired, through the onboarding experience, during training and development, while they are trying to engage and retain their people, and when employees leave. Most organizations implement companywide programs around these stages to reach employees and try to provide an improved experience as they progress through each milestone

Despite these efforts by organizations, the study found that just 66% of employees feel the employee experience matters at their organizations.

 “The report clearly demonstrates that companies are addressing workplace culture, but still struggle to achieve more than incremental improvements,” said Alex Lovell, an O.C. Tanner Institute data scientist. “Making dramatic progress will require leaders to rethink leadership practices and concentrate on connecting everyday employee experiences to purpose, accomplishment, and one another.”

The survey also touched on the importance of leadership in the role of building positive employee experiences. A key element of this is leaders’ understanding what everyone in their organization does — 54% of employees surveyed reported that their leader knows what they do. Additionally, less than half of employees feel their leader works to develop them. Only 26% feel their leader encourages collaboration. More than half said their leader won’t give up control over anything. And, only 59% believe their leader values them.

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