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Diversity and Inclusion Programs on the Rise


More organizations are placing an emphasis on diversity and inclusion programs. This is according to WeSpire’s State of Employee Engagement report, which found an 8% increase (29% to 37%) in this kind of program from last year to this year.

Broadly, the survey of more than 1,700 employees found what the impact of having a formal engagement strategy has on recruitment, retention and net promoter scores, the major gap between human resources teams and employees on how they perceive employee engagement, and the need for improved communications with employees.

In order to explore more facets of employee engagement, this year’s survey was expanded significantly to include a separate track for human resources professionals, questions about preferences for rewards and incentives and additional demographics data.

Other key findings from the report include:

  • 62% of employees state they are actively looking or open to new opportunities, a 4% increase from last year.
  • Interest in prosocial rewards and incentives, such as learning and charitable giving, is increasing, especially among Millennials and Gen Z.

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