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Most Organizations Not Planning to ‘Return to Normal’ in May


This story will be updated as new data becomes available. This is the third installment of WorldatWork’s “COVID-19 Quick Polls.” The second set of data, which includes information on layoffs and furloughs, can be accessed here. The first set of data, which includes information on rewards strategies and hazard pay decisions, can be accessed here.

As employers continue to navigate the uncertain terrain in a COVID-19 world, WorldatWork is collecting data throughout the pandemic to gain a better understanding of how organizations are handling compensation decisions.

WorldatWork’s “COVID-19 Quick Polls” revealed that 63% of the 273 organizations surveyed said they would not return to normal operations in May, even if stay-at-home order are lifted where they operate.



New Well-Being Benefits
WorldatWork’s “COVID-19 Quick Polls” found that 48% of the 271 employers surveyed have no plans to change their well-being benefits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. However, 27% said they have expanded existing well-being benefits while 19% have both expanded existing benefits and offered new benefits.



For those organizations that have either expanded their existing benefits or added new well-being benefits, 27% have provided flexible schedules for employees. Additionally, 21% have added mental health services, 13% have added online fitness benefits, 12% have provided meditation classes or apps, 7% are offering employee assistance programs, and 5% are offering childcare or backup childcare services.


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