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Rising to the Top by Putting Members First

Lindsay Strack 
Manager, Research 

Boomerang employees often bring a unique skill set to an organization. They have enough experience and institutional knowledge to hit the ground running, while understanding how to navigate the landscape and workplace culture to ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding.

Lindsay Strack, manager of research at WorldatWork, is the embodiment of such an employee whose August 2017 return to the association after a short hiatus has been nothing short of outstanding.

What kind of relevant experience did you bring to WorldatWork?
My background is in public health. I hold a master’s in public health from Northern Illinois University. Prior to WorldatWork, I spent a couple years working at a national nonprofit association serving state and territorial health agencies. For example, during my time there, I played a large role in both quantitative and qualitative research through surveys of state informatics activities, as well as interviewing state departments of aging to develop case studies and issues briefs. These skills translated directly into my role with WorldatWork and have continued to grow as the research department continues to tackle new areas of research for the association.

What’s your primary role with the association?
My primary role is to efficiently and effectively deliver relevant and timely research. There are two main buckets to research at WorldatWork: benchmarking surveys and market research, and both have been staying full! From the planning and design, through data management and analysis, and result interpretation and reporting, my role touches some aspect of the entire process. The market research function is relatively new to the team, and we have undertaken all evaluations across products and services.

Are you consumed by all things research and surveys? How much has data analytics changed/advanced in your tenure?
Yes! I enjoy learning how other organizations produce and release data. At WorldatWork we are always thinking of the member first, in terms of what topics are most relevant and emerging, how we can most efficiently and impactfully gather data and share results. This last piece has recently risen to the top of strategy discussions. We are considering the addition of a data visualization tool with the goal of communicating the data, making appropriate sense of the meaning and expressing the relationship to other data and, ideally, with a customizable self-service feature. Currently, the WorldatWork Salary Budget Survey is the only survey with an online tool, and our future scope is to provide a similar format for all projects.

What do you do for fun?
I love dogs! And, in order to make up for the absence of a four-legged friend of my own, I spend time volunteering for a local rescue. I assist during adoption events and have even fostered. Outside of volunteering with dogs, I’m an active member of the Junior League of Phoenix, participating in community events and training to build a healthy Arizona. Other fun activities I enjoy include watching sports — particularly football — traveling anywhere and everywhere, and reading, mostly nonfiction.

Did your WorldatWork Fantasy Football League championship win make up for the heart-breaking playoff loss by your beloved Chicago Bears?
Ha, that’s an apples to oranges comparison for me. I am equally as excited that my fantasy team (Team Strack!) took the Lombardi as I am disappointed my Bears couldn’t complete the kick.

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