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The Future of Flexible Work


Many organizations still hold strong to the traditional 9-to-5 workday. However, as younger generations take the management reins within the next 10 years, remote work will become the norm, writes Barbara Booth of CNBC. In this article Booth speaks with Upwork CEO Stephane Kasriel about how organizations need to move away from the old standard of work and embrace the changing landscape made possible by massive technological advancements.

Flexing Down Under

The Fair Work Commission in Australia recently added a new rule about flexible work that requires employers to provide reasoning for denying any worker requests for flexible work arrangements. The rule has not yet gone into effect, but this Mandarin article is encouraging Australian employers to get ahead of it and embrace remote work.

The Emergence of Co-Working Spaces

This Investors Chronicle article explores the workplace of the future. Author Harriet Clarfelt delves into the increasing popularity of shared office spaces or “co-working spaces.” In the piece, property group Knight Frank notes that the emergence of the space-as-a-service model is rapidly becoming the new reality and the economic benefit is a big reason why.

UK Prepped for Remote Work 

Professor Feng Li, chair of Information Management at Cass Business School London, Jon Loftin, head of Unified Communications at PowWowNow and business coach Ruth Kudzi add their insights to PowWowNow research about what the future office will look like in the United Kingdom. This HR Director article points to research indicating a majority of Millennials want flexible working options, with Kudzi asserting that allowing people to have control over how they work will be massively beneficial.

Remotely Unsatisfied

While there’s an overall push for organizations promoting and encouraging flexible work options, specifically remote work, this Harvard Business Review article by Dan Schwabel cites research indicating it leads to more disengagement. Schwabel draws on his personal experience to pound the point home that despite some obvious benefits, working away from the office without a team setting can make for an unsatisfying work experience in the long run.

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