Student Loan Assistance: The Perk Employees of All Ages Want


Learn how to implement a successful student loan benefits program, a benefit desired by employees and improve your talent attraction and retention.

Student loans aren't just a challenge facing your Millennial employees. 57% of Baby Boomers say that student loans are getting in the way of their retirement. This is because many parents took out student loans to help their children go to school. The good news is you can help ease their financial stress---and improve employee morale and retention. Student loan benefits offer more than reducing debt—they provide tools and support for managing education loans.  In this 45-minute webinar from IonTuition, you will learn how a student loan benefit program works and the eight standards every program should have. We will also discuss the IRS’s recent Private Letter Ruling (PLR) and what that means for student loan benefits programs.

At this event, attendees will learn:

  • How the stress of student loan debt is impacting your employees
  • How a student loan benefit program works
  • Why this benefit can support talent attraction and retention
  • What the recent IRS PLR means for student loan benefits programs going forward
  • The eight standards that a student loan benefits program should include.

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Shann Grewal

Vice President | IonTuition

As product owner at a leading student loan benefits provider, Shann has played an important role in defining the industry’s best practices for this emerging benefit. He has spent more than a decade focused on addressing the widespread impact of student debt across generations, helping borrowers and their families prepare for and best manage repayment. As a contribution beneficiary with more than a little student debt of his own (and a couple of college-bound dependents), Shann understands personally the value an employer can add in crushing student debt.

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