Digitizing Rewards: Mastercard's Path to Global People Cost Mastery
On Demand until April 01, 2024
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Join us for an engaging webinar as we delve into Mastercard's remarkable journey towards achieving global people cost mastery through the power of digitization. In this session, we will explore how Mastercard revolutionized reward management and transformed the way they consolidate and optimize its reward systems across multiple countries and thousands of employees using new technology called uFlexReward.

Discover the benefits of embracing digitization in the realm of rewards as we highlight the key features and successes of this leading-edge technology at Mastercard. With a centralized digital repository, Mastercard has gained unprecedented visibility into its global employment cost. This powerful tool empowers decision-makers to access real-time data, providing valuable insights into reward trends, cost structures, and performance metrics. Through interactive dashboards and comprehensive analytics, organizations can make informed decisions, optimize reward programs, and align them with their business objectives.

Witness the profound impact of digitization on accuracy and oversight in reward management. By leveraging this state of art technology, Mastercard can monitor reward costs on a global scale. This heightened control mitigates risks and enhances transparency, instilling confidence in reward practices.

The webinar will showcase Mastercard's success in implementing uFlexReward within a short timeframe, enabling a seamless transition to a digitized reward ecosystem. Learn from our experiences as we share practical insights, best practices, and lessons learned throughout the implementation process. Gain inspiration to embark on your own digital transformation journey, digitizing total reward to streamline your reward management processes, foster employee engagement, and drive organizational success.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the digital revolution in rewards. Join us for this captivating webinar to unlock the potential of digitalization and discover how it can unlock new possibilities for your organization's reward strategies. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The best practices, lessons learned + watchouts when implementing a digital Total Reward solution by a Global Leader (Mastercard).
  • How to scale and expand Total Rewards oversight on a global scale.
  • The benefits of digitizing Total Rewards.
  • How to use data-driven decision making to optimize Total Reward strategies.
  • How to improve accuracy, visibility and oversight on Total Rewards.
  • How to enhance accuracy and oversight in reward management.

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Leigh Bornstein
Chief Operating Officer at uFlexReward

Leigh Bornstein is the Chief Operating Officer for uFlexReward.  Leigh also leads the Client Engagement team and is responsible for driving the end-to-end client experience strategy and ongoing delivery of the uFlexReward platform. She oversees client success and client relationship touchpoints; whilst overseeing the development of the company’s strategic direction and product roadmap.

Leigh has over 10+ years’ experience leading large, multi-national, multi-stakeholder HR and reward transformation projects for enterprise clients; having previously worked for Unilever, Xerox/Buck Consultants, Conduent and Endava. In her spare time, Leigh enjoys an adventure: she can be spotted climbing mountains, snowboarding down them, surfing and doing yoga.

Samantha Lewis
Director, Benefits Delivery at Mastercard

Samantha Lewis is the Director, Benefits Delivery at Mastercard. She is responsible for delivering benefits and well-being programs across EUR, AP, EEMEA and LAC.  She leads all the operational and administrative aspects of Mastercard’s benefits programs. Her remit includes operational benefits work for 88 countries internationally and she does so with a wonderful team of 6 direct reports.

Prior to this, Samantha led multi-country benefits design and delivery for Mastercard. She has 15 years of human resources experience, including at firms such as Verizon and Target. She holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from University of Scranton and a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Marist College. Outside of work, she spends time with her husband and 2 year old son.