Shadow Accounting in Sales Organizations and How to Eliminate It
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According to the research done by Salesforce, only 34% of sales professionals’ time is spent on revenue-generating activities. So, what makes up the other 66%? Because a lot of organizations still use spreadsheets to manually calculate commissions, sales executives prefer to keep a record of their sales data outside of their organization’s system and calculate their commissions themselves. This activity is what industry leaders call Shadow Accounting.

Without a doubt, Shadow Accounting is an invisible threat to the efficiency and growth of any company. A visible threat is that organizations miss sales opportunities and fail to convert on such revenue, moreover Shadow Accounting also contributes to a culture of mistrust within your departments which can be fundamentally destructive. So, the question is – how can you eliminate this issue once and for all?

In this session, we will discuss how Shadow Accounting impacts sales organizations, what causes it and how to prevent it. Find out how you can utilize sales performance management solutions to empower your sales organization.

Registration is now closed.

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Robert Krant
Professional Services Manager at InnoVyne

Robert Krant is a seasoned leader in delivering sales performance management solutions. His portfolio of solution delivery is in various industries such as retail, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, technology and large equipment sales. In practice, Robert provides flexible and scalable compensation solutions that provide transparency and equips the sales force with the information they need regarding their performance and compensation.

Matt Puntillo
Operations Manager at InnoVyne

Matt Puntillo is an operations manager with years of experience leading a team of projects managers and technical consultants. His years of guiding teams through the SPM implementation process allow him to provide helpful insights in the lifecycle of any given project.