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Compensation is a key element of a Total Rewards strategy. Recognized as the world’s standard since 1976, the Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) designation is known throughout the total rewards community as a mark of expertise and excellence in the fundamentals of compensation.

Possessing the Certified Compensation Professional designation gives you an edge in today’s competitive world signifying that you are an expert in your field. It gives you, and your employer, confidence in your job skills. The CCP designation demonstrates you possess essential knowledge about integrating compensation programs with business strategy, designing and administering base and variable pay programs, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and effectively communicating compensation information.

Unparalleled Foundation

Have a foundation of knowledge that sets you on a path to grow your career and make a difference within your organization.

Meaningful Impact

Be recognized as the go-to resource for planning and development beyond your department walls, impacting your status and broadening your network of influential professionals.

Personal Fulfillment

Be noticed as a well-rounded compensation professional, finding fulfillment through recognition and career development as new opportunities emerge.

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