Going Mobile: WorldatWork and Expatise Academy Become HR Education Partners

October 26, 2021

Scottsdale, Arizona — WorldatWork, the leading global nonprofit organization for professionals engaged in the practice of compensation and rewards since 1955, has announced that it is expanding its global and mobile footprint through a strategic partnership with Expatise Academy, a Netherlands-based leader in HR global mobility and compensation and benefits education since 2010.

Now, with remote work arrangements here to stay, global workforce deployment (GWD) is gaining recognition as the solution for sustaining business agility under highly volatile labor conditions. GWD demands close collaboration of all stakeholders and an interdisciplinary approach to learning from a multinational, multicultural perspective. To help address this critical need, WorldatWork and Expatise Academy are partnering to deliver comprehensive educational and certification offerings for compensation, benefits, and rewards leaders

“The accelerated need for HR to elevate its impact and meet the challenges of managing a global and mobile workforce has never been clearer,” said WorldatWork CEO Scott Cawood, Ed.D, CCP, GRP. “Joining forces with Expatise Academy as a global partner comes at a truly remarkable time. Our education and certification courses will help inform and deliver the strategies needed for business and rewards leaders to excel in today’s complex work environment. Our greatest chance of making a true difference on the future multinational workforce is with a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach.”

All operational business and staffing needs point to HR global mobility professionals having to work closely together with HR rewards colleagues who are responsible for their organization’s global rewards strategy. This collaboration can only work if both sides understand each other’s added value in the HR supply chain and acknowledge the benefits a synergy will bring.

“It is Expatise’s ambition to accelerate this process by raising awareness and growing expertise via dedicated education under one roof,” said Inge Nitsche, CEO and chair at Expatise Academy. “To this end, the WorldatWork partnership is an obvious steppingstone towards the holistic and cross-disciplinary learning approach Expatise aspires."

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