Recertification Opportunities

Congratulations! You have earned one of WorldatWork’s prestigious certifications! To keep your certification current, you must accrue 12 or more recertification credits every three years.

There are many ways to earn credits and you will naturally do so as you continue to learn and contribute to the HR and rewards communities. 

The best value: Take advantage of opportunities through WorldatWork and you will earn more credits – plus, we will automatically track and list them for you in your member profile.

Read on to see all your options for keeping your certification up to date.

Why Get a Second Certification?
  • Courses and exams for new certifications earn credits to recertify current ones.
  • Because courses for one certification may apply to others, you may already be close to earning new bona fides.
  • When you earn an additional certification, all your recertification deadlines are extended automatically to the latest date possible, saving you money and time. 

See how close you are to a new certification. 

Education Credits

When you continue your professional education, you gain recertification credits. Take a course, join a webinar, attend a relevant university course – they all help you gain recertification.

Recertification Credits for WorldatWork Education
Education Type
Credits Earned
Immersion Courses
5 credits (per event)
Non-Certification Courses
2 credits (per event)
Certification Courses
2 credits (per event)
Certificate Programs
1 credit (per certificate)
.5 credit (per event)
Education Credits from Other Organizations
Education Type
Credits Earned
All education options
.25 credits / hour of education
Event Credits

Attend WorldatWork events and you can earn recertification credits while networking with thought leaders – all at a special member-discounted price.

Education Type
Credits Earned
WorldatWork Event
3 credits per event
Other Organizations’ Conference or Forum
1 credit per event
Membership Credits

Membership has its privileges, including automatically earning recertification credits.

Education Type
Credits Earned
1 credit per year
Other HR Organizations
.5 credit per year
Presenting Credits

Present on a topic related to your certification and enrich our community while earning recertification credits.

At WorldatWork
At Other Organizations
Event, Webinar
2.0 credits
1.0 credit
As a WorldatWork Faculty Member
1 credit / course; up to 3 credits/year
Seminars/Courses in Your Certification Area
1 credit / credit hour, up to 3 credits /year *

* Credit for teaching seminars and courses outside of WorldatWork is awarded only when these programs are offered by accredited colleges or universities.

Writing Credits

Contribute to a blog, article or book related to your certification and you share the intellectual wealth, while adding to your recertification credits.

Relevant Article or Blog
Contributing to a Book
1 credit / publication; up to 4 credits / year
2 credits / chapter; up to 4 credits / year
Other Organizations
1 credit / publication, up to 4 credits / year
2 credits / chapter; up to 4 credits / year

There are lots of ways to contribute to the intellectual vigor of our community, and doing so can expand your network and your number of recertification credits.

Volunteering for WorldatWork
Education Type
Credits Earned
For 4 or more hours of work on a project
Credits vary by project
WorldatWork Board Member
1 credit / year
WorldatWork Committee Member
1 credit / year
WorldatWork Advisory Board Member
1 credit / year
Participating in WorldatWork surveys
.5 credit (per survey)
Volunteer for Other HR Organizations
Education Type
Credits Earned
Serve as Officer or Committee Member
.5 credit / position
Track Your Recertification Credits

Recertification credits earned through WorldatWork are automatically added to your user profile, so you can see them at a glance! 

What about credits from outside of WorldatWork? Easily add them to your profile by clicking below.