Rocky Mountain Total Rewards Association Is WorldatWork’s 2022 Affiliate of the Year

Engagement and Value Proposition Helps RMTRA Capture WorldatWork’s Top Annual Award for Local Affiliates

November 15, 2022

Scottsdale, Arizona — The Rocky Mountain Total Rewards Association (RMTRA) captured WorldatWork’s “2022 Affiliate of the Year Award” thanks to stellar engagement and improvement of the member-value proposition.  

“It has been a year of perseverance. Over 90% of RMTRA’s board members were in new roles in 2022,” said Nicole Davies, RMTRA president. “Despite that challenge, we returned to in-person events, increased membership after having two years of decline, and refreshed our brand to be more aligned with the needs of Colorado’s Total Rewards professionals.”  

RMTRA, which was also a WorldatWork 2022 Affiliate “Diamond” award recipient, navigated through difficult impact of the pandemic by quickly returning to a robust, in-person programming and education agenda after having fully virtual events in 2021. 

As a WorldatWork Affiliate partner, RMTRA offers local practitioners networking advantages along with professional development opportunities, exclusive featured content and discounted pricing on WorldatWork education and membership.

WorldatWork strongly encourages each of its local affiliates to establish goals and strategic initiatives in support of the HR profession and total rewards, and to meet the needs of HR professionals. These goals and initiatives allow our affiliates to increase their visibility and effectiveness as well as expand impact within the HR community and they are the basis for WorldatWork’s Affiliate Awards. 

“We’ve always believed that human resources and total rewards professionals are best positioned for success when the expertise and resources of WorldatWork can be combined with localized support and networking, through our Affiliates,” said Elissa O’Brien, VP of Membership, Affiliates and Customer Experience. “Every year we celebrate the outstanding contributions of our local affiliates and are proud of the contributions they make to the profession. Today, we celebrate and recognize our top affiliates and congratulate them on the impact they make in our profession.”    

To be considered for Affiliate of the Year, local affiliates must first achieve recognition as an Affiliate Award recipient. There are four different award levels that local affiliates can achieve, based on the number of initiatives they execute during the year:

  • Sapphire (one initiative)
  • Emerald (two initiatives)
  • Ruby (three initiatives)
  • Diamond (four initiatives) 

The initiatives are categorized into four key areas of focus: 

  • Advancing Human Resources & Total Rewards
  • Professional Development of Members
  • Community Involvement
  • Member Engagement & Growth

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