Principles of Executive Rewards


Begin Your Journey into Executive Compensation in this Foundational Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of executive compensation that will prepare the human resources professional who is new to executive compensation for success. Upon completing this course, you will be positioned to effectively design and manage executive compensation plans within your organization. 

In this course, you will learn about: 

  • The objectives and elements of executive compensation.
  • The influences on executive compensation.
  • How executive compensation plans operate.
  • The U.S. tax and accounting regulations that govern and impact executive compensation.

This course contains U.S. specific content and is designed for HR professionals new to the field of executive compensation or those seeking to gain knowledge in this area to expand their HR compensation skills. It is recommended that participants have a minimum of two years of experience in HR compensation before taking this course, or be proficient with the content in the WorldatWork course Accounting and Finance for Human Resources Professionals (T2).

Specific areas covered in the course include: 

  • Executive Rewards in a Total Rewards Strategy
    Learn about the evolution of rewards. Understand how to define an executive. Explore the factors to consider when developing an executive rewards strategy.

  • Tax and Regulatory Influences on Executive Rewards
    Understand the tax and regulatory influences on executive compensation, including forms of taxation, the Section 162(m) million dollar cap, taxation of deferred compensation, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules and regulations, including proxy disclosure, among others.

  • Financial Statements and Other Measures of Executive Performance
    Learn about the role of financial statements as indicators of executive performance. Cover the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow along with other key financial and performance measures.

  • Salary and Short-Term Incentive Strategies
    Learn about benchmarking for executives. Gain knowledge about short-term incentives, including the types of incentives, the basis for setting goals, performance measures and the characteristics of an effective plan.

  • Long-Term Incentive Plans
    Understand long-term incentives, the types of incentives and the equity market.

  • Long-Term Incentive Plan Design
    Learn about the considerations for equity-based rewards, stock options and long-term executive incentive plan design.

  • Supplemental Executive Benefits & Perquisites
    Cover supplemental executive benefits and retirement plans, nonqualified plans, deferred compensation plans, funding and perquisites. 

Upon completing this course, you will have foundational knowledge about executive compensation strategy and have an understanding of and be able to manage plan design. 

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Course Credits & Certifications

  • Recertification

    Course: 2 credits

  • CEUs:

    Course: 1.5 credits

  • HRCI Recertification

    14 classroom hours

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This seminar contains U.S.-specific content and is particularly valuable for professionals who are new or relatively new to the executive compensation function. This course examines the differences in rewards packages between executives and other employees. It is recommended that participants be proficient with the content covered in Accounting and Finance for Human Resources Professional (T2) or have at least two years of experience in the compensation function before taking this course.

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