Impact Unleashed:
Member and Customer Success Stories
Danielle Luz
Operations Global Reward Manager

WorldatWork Member Since: May 2021

Danielle manages Total Rewards for a global oil and gas company. She is based in Rio de Janeiro. Satisfying the compensation needs of a company with more than 7,000 employees across several countries means she’s always pursuing one prize: the very latest knowledge and data about the shifting Total Rewards landscape.

Quenching the Thirst for Knowledge

“I started out in computer science but moved to HR management more than 10 years ago when I decided to study MBA People Management,” explains Danielle. Learning is a way of life for her, and she never stops.

In the dynamic area of Total Rewards, Danielle’s job challenges her to understand in detail the local economic conditions, inflation, turnover, culture, the competitive landscape, legislation aspects and best practices in Total Rewards in multiple countries.

“I’m always on the lookout for innovations in compensation packages and any new reward tools and benefits,” she says. It’s her responsibility to understand the big picture as she works with local teams to propose rewards strategies relevant to each country.

“For instance, some countries have high-quality health benefits provided fully by the government, while others have a system of private health benefits provided by companies that act as a key retention element” she explains. Her need for accurate information from the global to local level is critical.

But until recently, her options for learning were limited by geography. That changed when WorldatWork brought its proprietary resources, learning programs, certifications and robust professional networks to the region through a new partnership with FORHMA, Brazil’s premier HR education provider.

As a new member, Danielle immediately began accessing WorldatWork’s award-winning, high-quality content with an international perspective. With unlimited access to periodical publications, she can constantly update her knowledge. She opines, “The content provided by WorldatWork is always relevant and focused on modern themes that impact rewards professionals like me every day.”

Danielle also became one of the first HR professionals in her country to earn WorldatWork’s Certified Compensation Professional (CCP®) and Global Remuneration Professional (GRP®). She adds “Certification was a big step in my career, making me more confident and helping me grow in my vocabulary and knowledge about international rewards laws.”

She finds particular value in learning from her network of fellow Total Rewards colleagues across the globe, making regular use of WorldatWork’s Engage online community.

“The forums offer a welcoming environment and a reliable, private platform where I can connect with smart professionals around the world with total trust, cordiality, and mutual respect” according to her.

She has been impressed by how members support each other, sharing tips and best practices. For her “The discussions are always relevant and dive into the technical aspects of some of the most difficult topics in Total Rewards.”

Danielle has also found that using the resources she can access as a WorldatWork member makes her a better advocate for strong and effective rewards strategies when leaders may be reluctant.

“A company must be ready to be innovative and pioneering, to avoid losing talent to their competitors in the market,” she says. Armed with new knowledge and compelling data, Danielle can now make her case for fresh approaches to Total Rewards, and she is moving toward her goal of growing in a multinational organization.

“I really encourage anyone who wishes to invest in an international career — or even to be more competitive at the local level — to become a WorldatWork member and get certified.”