Impact Unleashed:
Member and Customer Success Stories
Tammy Peet-Sass
Director, Total Rewards and HR

WorldatWork Member Since: January 1991

Tammy Peet-Sass manages Executive Compensation for a global consulting firm, working out of Kansas City. She has worked in Total Rewards for over 30 years and has been a WorldatWork member since 1991.

Solving Problems with People You Like

So, what can a seasoned professional like Tammy get out of a WorldatWork membership? Plenty, according to her.

“For those newer to Total Rewards, it’s a great way to learn the basics of compensation, benefits, strategy, financial analysis, and the tools and importance of communication.” And for those with more years under their belt, she says, the value is in the networks and constantly updated resources.

“I remain close friends with many people across the country I met at WorldatWork events — often through local network meetings and connections. And these events always allowed me to come back with new ideas that other companies had tried or that I thought would help my company solve a problem we were working on.”

Tammy is also an avid consumer of WorldatWork content. “The high-quality publications are a great way to keep up with what is happening in the field and what others are doing within their company.”

WorldatWork’s member offerings also fuel her love for the work she does — which changes like the weather. “I really enjoy the creative aspects of the work. Companies all have different challenges in the Total Rewards space. You get to help them choose the solution — whether the issue is inflation, global equity, wellness, or benefits strategies. No two companies are alike, and the work allows for ingenuity in selecting an approach that maximizes their ability to attract and retain employees.”

She offers her own example of how knowledge she gained through WorldatWork positioned her at the top of her game. While working on job evaluation and description issues, her network exposed her to the concept of “broadbanding” — an approach to job classification and compensation that takes into consideration content and scope of a job; employee knowledge, skills and abilities; the job market; and employee performance. “WorldatWork resources were a great asset to me as I initiated this approach at a couple different companies where I have worked.”

The talent marketplace keeps getting more complex, and more than ever, great systems and tools are essential to succeed. “You need sources to help you stay on top of these changes, and WorldatWork provides those sources, and connections to people who’ve been there before you.”