Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Experts provide advice and input for education courses and other offerings. This expertise may be offered on an ad hoc or project basis. 

Key Responsibilities
  • Evaluate product drafts for validity and application to the target audience.
  • Verify accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, relevance and presentation of the content.
  • Provide additional information to fill in content gaps, as needed.
  • Meet all agreed-upon deadlines.
Qualifications (Selection Criteria)
  • Extensive knowledge of the content topical area.
  • Current practitioner or consultant in content/topical area.
  • Ability to communicate to external audiences without using jargon.
  • Capacity to see the project through to completion.
Time Commitment
  • Varies by project.
  • The project scope will be established and reviewed with the Subject Matter Reviewer at the onset of the project.
Volunteer Benefits
  • Gain recognition by sharing your expertise and joining taking your place among the profession’s experts.
  • Opportunity to give back to the profession and be part of its evolution and advancement.
  • Ability to network with other Subject Matter Experts and WorldatWork staff.
Agreements Required
  • WorldatWork Confidentiality Agreement
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