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For over 25 years, JER HR Group has helped organizations face the challenge of developing systems for fair and equitable compensation to attract and hire talented individuals. We start with a simple premise: let’s define a compensation philosophy and strategy, determine market competitiveness, and devise a plan to fit your organization’s culture.

We provide:

  • Executive Compensation Consultation, including: establishing a compensation philosophy and strategy for key executives; ensuring the executive compensation review and decision-making process is consistent with best practices; identifying how an executive’s special skills, abilities and qualifications compare to appropriate peers; evaluating the value of total compensation to ensure market competitiveness; and reviewing compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Staff Compensation Consultation, including: conducting job analyses to assess job content, determine appropriate titles, and placement of jobs into a grade or band structure; preparing more effective job descriptions; developing an employee talent profile for assessing the competencies of individual employees for career development; conducting market pricing analyses; developing salary administration guidelines and procedures; and creating a compensation communication strategy, plan, and materials.
  • Market Analysis, defining the appropriate peer group and then matching jobs to the market and summarizing compensation data at various data points.
  • Compensation Plan Design, including base salary plan, incentive compensation, deferred compensation, sales compensation, new hire compensation, FLSA review and compliance analysis.
  • Custom Compensation Surveys, for a cross section of all levels and departments, specialized positions, or industry-specific positions, against peer organizations.
  • HR Support, including comprehensive HR consulting for policies, procedures and compliance.


Demos & Downloads

Custom Compensation Survey

Custom Compensation Surveys are instrumental in designing a competitive compensation program that will help you make the right decisions for your organization. Comprehensive, accurate compensation data can help ensure your organization is competitively positioned to attract the talent you need, especially in today’s competitive marketplace.

Complying with Executive Compensation Limits Under NYS Executive Order #38

Executive Order #38 “prevent(s) public funds from being diverted to excessive compensation and unnecessary administrative costs, and…ensure(s) that taxpayer dollars are being used to help New Yorkers in need”, said Governor Andrew Cuomo upon signing Executive Order #38. This guide reviews covered executives and executive compensation, and EO 38 limits on executive compensation.

Recent Developments in Executive Order #38 and IRC Section 4958

This easy-to-use presentation guides you through the integration of EO38 with IRC Section 4958 and governance practices to minimize liability. It covers the impact and additional reporting requirements of EO38, waiver guidelines and the waiver application process. The differences between EO38 and IRC 4958 are reviewed, along with good governance practices.

Incentives in Not-For-Profits: A Review of Basic Principles

This easy-to-follow presentation overviews the types of incentives, market factors influencing the use of incentives, and potential issues concerning incentives in not-for-profit organizations. It walks you through taking the first steps, plan types to consider, design considerations, and strategies for a formal incentive plan.

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