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Think Dilbert meets Marc Maron (host of the popular WTF podcast).  Or, imagine Steven Colbert dropping into an executive meeting to poke holes in your open enrollment communications strategy. 

Work in Progress is a 30-minute podcast that takes on the day’s most pressing workplace issues with a healthy mix of insight, wit and irreverence. Hosts Tom Alexander, an award-winning radio broadcaster and producer, and Charles Epstein, Workspan’s NSFW humor columnist, engage guests from people in the field – practitioners, brokers, vendors - and people outside the field, including prominent business execs, and those in the world of sports, media and entertainment, to lend relatable perspectives on their day-to-day personal and business challenges.


Meet the Hosts

Tom Alexander is an award-winning broadcaster, producer and ( jazz) recording artist; Charles Epstein is a humorist (NSFW columnist) and business communications specialist. Alexander and Epstein have been a creative team for over a decade, producing and co-hosting two nationally syndicated radio shows (Off-the-Wire, the Sportsman’s Daily Weekend Show), and collaborating on an assortment of multi-media projects (including their latest, an authoritative guide to losers and losing called, appropriately, Loser, which is currently in development).

Tom Alexander grew up in his family’s cinema business. This early exposure to film and music served as the inspiration for a career that’s included screenwriting and composing music for radio, TV, film and his own bands. Tom is also a voiceover artist and Silver Microphone Award-winning broadcaster in the areas of sports, comedy, entertainment and jazz.

Charles Epstein is a humorist (NSFW columnist, formerly a Huffington Post satire columnist) and business communications specialist (founder and President of BackBone, Inc., a marketing and public relations firm specializing in technology and workforce management). He has also developed a number of employee engagement and communications platforms, including PEAQuest (“immersive” health and wellness assessments), Weekender (moves wellness to the weekends) and mBARC (a business mobility and Duty of Care platform).

EP 48: WIP NSFW Edition: The Office Has Gone to the Dogs

MAR 6, 2020

Charles (“no way!”) and Workspan/#evolve Managing Editor Stephanie Rotondo (“way!”) debate the pros/cons of welcoming dogs into the workplace.

EP 47: A Cigar Isn't Always Just a Cigar

FEB 27, 2020

I/O psychologist Jonathan Canger joins us to discuss, among other (legit) HR grievances, the CEO paradox: they profess to value culture talent but don’t pay their CHRO a commensurate salary. He also talks about leadership, exec coaching, AI, etc., from his perspective as a senior HR exec with some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

EP 46: Uncommon Common Sense

FEB 17, 2020

Guest Mel Kleiman asks the hard, “uncommon common sense” questions that help companies find, hire and retain front line employees and the people who manage them. He gave us a taste by turning these questions on his hosts.

EP 45: In Which We Achieve Our Potential – Theoretically

FEB 12, 2020

We speak with executive coach Jason Treu on maximizing potential: blind spots and childhood trauma that inhibit potential and the role company culture can play in helping people reach it.

EP 44: Grace Under Intense Super Bowl Pressure

FEB 5, 2020

From the opening ceremony, through the half time show to the final gun, the pyrotechnics are a sight to behold – one small misstep can turn all that precise choreography into a catastrophe seen by millions around the world. It’s no wonder that Bill Galante, VP of Guest Experience and VIP Service for the Miami Dolphins, and one of the main people behind the scenes, was kept up nights.

EP 43: Professional Office Pool Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

JAN 30, 2020

You may want to listen to this before placing your final office pool bets. Insights into the big game from veteran sportscaster Bob Wischusen, who takes us behind the scenes of the life of a professional sportscaster and provides suggestions to anyone looking to enter the field.

EP 42: The Dignity of Work: More than Just a Job

JAN 22, 2020

We discuss the dignity of all types of work and have a fascinating/inspiring convo with Goodwill’s CEO about helping people going through tough life transitions “rebuild” themselves and find meaningful work.

EP 41: Of Gizmos, Gadgets and Total Rewards

JAN 14, 2020

What happens when a Rollbot (a robot dispenser of Charmin) meets a robotic cat meets and a “hypebot” happens by? We don’t know because we didn’t go to CES either, but that doesn’t stop us from imagining it. Alicia Scott-Wears, WorldatWork’s new Director of Total Rewards Content joins us to discuss everything from her passion for roller derby to…Total Rewards.

EP 40: Get Your New Year’s Resolutions While They Last

JAN 9, 2020

A new show for the New Year. We talk about compartmentalizing (aka, avoiding unpleasant realities)and discuss adding rigor to employee compensation with Kent Oldham, a Compensation Consultant with HealthPartners…who attempts to shock us with his contrarian views.

EP 39: Wringing out the Aughts...Ringing in the 20s

DEC 31, 2019

We close out the decade with Dr. Joel Bennett, where we discuss short term resilience strategies – i.e., managing a post new year’s hangover – and longer-term solutions for individuals and organizations. Bonus tips on sustaining your resolutions past January.

EP 38: All Politics is Loco

DEC 24, 2019

With apologies to Tip, these days everything seems politicized - political operative Mitch Ceasar provides tips on getting though the holidays- and beyond - with our sanity intact. Bonus tips: great Xmas playlist ideas!

EP 37: Holiday Office Party Horror Stories

DEC 17, 2019

Workspan’s Managing Editor Stephanie Rotondo, teller of HR Horror Stories, shares several horrific Holiday Office Party Stories…after which Connery, Sean Connery pays us a surprise visit to render a mildly demented spoken word version of I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.

EP 36: The Future is's just unevenly distributed

DEC 3, 2019

Tech research analyst and compensation specialist - and world-class raconteur - David Foote joins us to tell tales of Silicon Valley past...and makes pit stops around the globe to provide us with glimpses of our technology future.

EP 35: An IQ Test that May Surprise You

NOV 26, 2019

What’s your innovation style? We share results of our Innovation Quotient Assessment and our discuss innovation styles from inquisitive/forward thinkers to experiential risk takers. Guest Tamara Ghandour, president of LaunchStreet, helps companies unlock their “innovation advantage” – listen to see how you can unlock yours.

EP 34: Rock Your Moxie

November 19, 2019

Spine, spunk, resolve – or what our guest calls moxie. Some have had it from the beginning, most have to discover it. Maureen Berkner Boyt is the founder of MoxieExchange, a community of corporations committed to building inclusive workplaces and women committed to leadership development and professional growth.


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