Hiring Outlook 2022: Recruiters Are Expanding the Talent Pool
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July 04, 2022
"I’m not at all surprised to see the steady increase over the past 10 years in the percentage of female CFOs, as there is no doubt that the talent is out there. Companies are getting smarter and more proactive about investing in the best and brightest diversity talent. I expect this trend to continue."

— Scott Simmons, co-managing partner, Crist|Kolder Associates

Seven in 10

of United States-based recruiters (70%) say they would be open to hiring job candidates with transferable skills whom they could train, while other recruiters report experimenting with new recruitment strategies such as increasing their job ads (28%), expanding their location search (26%) or increasing outreach to organizations with diverse talent pipelines (38%).

Source: Monster, Future of Work 2022

An analysis of nearly 700 Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies finds that

101 of these organizations

now have a female chief financial officer, compared to 63 of these same companies that had a female finance chief in 2012. The number of female CEOs at these companies increased from 23 to 47 in that same span.

Source: Crist|Kolder Associates, Volatility Report 2021

New job listings for CXOs — which encompass a range of executive roles including CEOs, CHROs, chief financial officers, chief technology officers and chief accounting officers — were on the rise in 2021,

increasing by 35%

compared to 2020. Overall, around 50% of these listings were for chief financial officers and chief operating officers.

Source: GlobalData, CXOs: Signals & Insights

Nearly nine in 10 employers (89%) say that recruiting will be either “somewhat” or “very” challenging in 2022.
Still, roughly two-thirds


of those same companies say they expect their workforces to grow this year.

Source: XpertHR, HR Challenges for 2022

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