How Will COVID-19 Change the Workplace Going Forward?
#evolve Magazine
January 22, 2021
"Many companies aren’t sure what they’re going to need to offer in their benefits package or what is feasible given the uncertainty brought on by COVID. Some companies have improved their financial standing as a result of the pandemic, while many others are just hanging on. Both scenarios make it difficult to assess and implement significant benefits plan changes."

- Steve Boddy, Content Director at WorldatWork, discussing how the coronavirus pandemic has affected employers’ benefits offerings, and will continue to impact employer benefit packages going forward

  • Wile 78% of organizations are providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and developing policies for employees to report COVID-19 symptoms, only 12% are planning to provide on-site COVID-19 vaccinations when they are available.

    Source: WorldatWork and, Employer Response to COVID-19 Update Survey

  • Most companies (89%) say their organizations have not changed health plan providers during the coronavirus pandemic, with another 59% reporting that they don’t anticipate their companies making any changes specifically because of COVID-19.

    Source: WorldatWork and The Institute for Corporate Productivity, COVID-19 Health Benefits Impact Study

  • 7 out of 10 employees say they believe that workplaces will accelerate gender-equity efforts in the wake of COVID-19.

    Source: Catalyst and Edelman Intelligence, The Impact of COVID-19 on Workplace Inclusion: Survey