Understanding Executive Compensation & Governance — A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition
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Executive compensation can be complex, nuanced and require constant vigilance — even for veterans of the craft. Rise to meet these challenges with the latest edition of Understanding Executive Compensation & Governance. This comprehensive resource provides answers and insights for nearly every executive compensation issue you may face.

Get practical real-world advice in clear, straightforward language. Presented in well-organized sections and chapters, this in-depth examination breaks down the far-ranging world of executive compensation into key, easily digestible topics.

You'll get insights on best practices, design techniques and trends. You'll get a thoughtful discussion of timeless topics — like executive pay philosophies — and information on timely new topics, such as:

  • The evolving role of the compensation committee.
  • Emerging performance trends that add environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics to incentive plans.

You'll also get strategies for managing the CEO life cycle components — succession, performance evaluation and compensation — and how to manage compensation in special circumstances, including IPOs and bankruptcies. And you'll broaden your perspective with insights on international compensation practices and cultural differences — a must for anyone with global aspirations.

Understanding Executive Compensation & Governance equips you with the knowledge and advice to conceive, execute and manage your compensation plans with greater confidence.


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