Total Rewards Professional Career Study 2023

This report summarizes the results of a Spring 2023 WorldatWork survey which seeks to understand the composition of the Total Rewards workforce, its skills and needs and its career trajectories.

Survey Results

WorldatWork conducted this survey to gather information about trends in the professional demographics and composition of the Total Rewards workforce and includes comparisons with the WorldatWork 2007 Census of the Total Rewards Profession study to explore shifts in the profession over the last fifteen years.

A key narrative of this report revolves around a group of professionals who find significant meaning and purpose in their careers. Their roles allow them to use their skills and abilities to the fullest and require them to apply complex and diverse skill sets in a demanding business environment. This survey provides a window into the skills that total rewards professionals need, their outlook on the occupation, and their future career trajectories. 

Spring 2023

Date Fielded




Say they are satisfied with the success they have achieved in their career.


Say their job is challenging

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