Beyond Compensation

How Employees Prioritize Total Rewards at Various Life Stages


Managers who are willing to customize an employee’s rewards arrangement must invest additional time and energy to understand, design, negotiate and monitor the arrangement. This usually is in addition to a manager’s “day job.” What’s more, the accommodating manager often must serve as liaison between the requesting employee and the HR department or CFO who often has final approval. For these reasons, negotiating custom rewards arrangements for employees is unpopular with some managers.

Survey Results

With a survey sample of 678 responses, we compared total rewards prioritization across several categories related to life stage and other social statuses. (See “Categories Related to Life Stage, Social Statuses.”) These variables were combined in several ways to assess their effect on rewards prioritization via regression analysis and means comparisons. Three “life-stage profiles” emerged as most significant in terms of their effect on rewards prioritization.

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