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A group of individuals from a variety of companies and industries gathered in the Midwestern United States to form a professional association around the work responsibilities they shared. They worked in a burgeoning field that was bringing complexity and new ideas to base pay management – the field that would later become known as compensation. Fifty-two years later, the association founded as the American Compensation Association is today a global community of professionals known as WorldatWork. And the notions of base pay and compensation management have evolved into the more holistic concept of total rewards, which involves the use of both tangible (monetary) and intangible rewards to attract, motivate and retain employees.

Survey Results


WorldatWork invited more than 38,000 professionals to participate in a web-based survey via an electronic mail solicitation. A link to the survey was also placed on both the member and non-member WorldatWork websites so that all members of the profession – whet her members of WorldatWork or not – could readily access the survey instrument and participate.

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