HR Pay Practices Survey 2010 (U.K.)

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Pay is always an emotive issue but the recent recession has focused employees’ attention on it even more than usual. Pay freezes, vociferous debates over bonuses, redundancies and an increase in businesses offering employees reduced hours/part- time work to offset wage costs: this has been the backdrop to remuneration.

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Executive Overview

While the term ‘the age of austerity’ continues to be bandied around board-rooms, the fears of redundancy, pay cuts, pay freezes and other ‘difficult decisions’ remain at the forefront of employees’ minds as they live in the shadow of recession, while the emotive subject of pay has become an increasingly serious issue for employers.

These are the key findings from this HR magazine/WorldatWork Pay Practices Survey, conducted during 2010.

This is the first year HR magazine has teamed up with WorldatWork to investigate pay practices across all sectors of the economy. The results make interesting reading as employers move tentatively out of recession and into recovery.

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