The Changing Role of Compensation

A WorldatWork Survey Brief


Surveys were sent electronically to 4,931 WorldatWork members, and 506 responses (10 percent) were received. The demographic profile of the survey’s respondents is similar to that of the WorldatWork membership as a whole. The typical WorldatWork member works at the managerial level or higher in the headquarters of a large company (1,000 plus employees) in North America. Ninety-five percent of the companies listed in the Fortune 1,000 have an employee who is a member of WorldatWork.

Survey Results

Detailed Survey Results

Members of WorldatWork’s Compensation Advisory Board discussed the changing role of the compensation profession and the compensation professional. Four hypotheses about the evolutionary forces affecting them emerged, and board members conducted a survey to test the hypotheses. In general, the survey results support the hypotheses, as detailed below and discussed in the report’s executive summary.

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