The State of Electronic Communications in Compensation and Human Resources

A WorldatWork Survey Brief


WorldatWork and Buck Consultants jointly conducted a survey of electronic communication practices in compensation and human resources. Respondents were asked questions on the following topics: electronic inventory and priority, Web site/intranet uses, electronic communications policies and goal achievement.

A random sample of 4,301 WorldatWork members received the survey and 530 participated, a response rate of 12 percent. The demographic profile of the survey’s respondents is similar to that of the WorldatWork membership as a whole. The typical WorldatWork member (and survey respondent) works at the managerial level or higher in the headquarters of a large company in North America. Ninety-five percent of the Fortune 1000 companies employ a WorldatWork member.

Survey Results

Detailed Survey Results

Overwhelmingly the data in this survey confirm the significant presence of electronic communications in the workplace. The most prevalent forms of electronic technology reported were organization Web sites (93 percent) followed by employee intranet (88 percent) and extranet (41 percent).

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