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As the global, nonprofit association for total rewards professionals, WorldatWork has several unique abilities and responsibilities. The association’s mission statement acknowledges a simple but primary responsibility: “to advance the knowledge and careers of total rewards professionals…” WorldatWork fulfills this responsibility many different ways, including publishing studies, such as this one, that attempt to inform and educate professionals about their chosen career.

Survey Results

Census of the Total Rewards Profession

WorldatWork invited more than 38,000 professionals to participate in a web-based survey via an electronic mail solicitation. A link to the survey was also placed on both the member and non-member WorldatWork websites so that all members of the profession – whet her members of WorldatWork or not – could readily access the survey instrument and participate.

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  • 2007
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State of the Work-Life Profession

This report summarizes the results of a 2006 survey of Alliance for Work-Life Progress (AWLP) members. Because the survey was designed to examine the current state of the profession from the practitioner perspective, it intentionally screened out service providers, vendors and academics after a few initial questions. These results represent the views and practices of current practitioners in the field.

In January, surveys were sent electronically to 516 AWLP members. Ninety-six completed surveys were received, representing a 19-percent response rate of the total AWLP membership. A high response rate and a similar demographic profile between survey respondents and the general AWLP membership as a whole provides a high level of confidence regarding the validity of the data contained in this report.

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  • 2006
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  • 2005
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The Rewards Profession: One Year After 9/11

In response, WorldatWork surveyed its members in late August 2002 to get a closer view of the changes in the profession since the tragic events and economic disruptions of the past year. According to the 495 respondents to The Rewards Profession: One Year After 9/11, layoffs and hiring freezes have been heavier than expected in the year since 9/11, compounded by the added pressure of economic and business struggles. Among the survey's respondents, one-third (33%) reported layoffs in their organization during the past 12 months, significantly more than the relatively slight 9 percent who indicated their organization was "considering" layoffs in a similar WorldatWork member study conducted in the shadow of 9/11, in October 2001.

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  • 2002
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Total Rewards Professionals' Career Development Survey

This report summarizes the results of an electronic survey conducted in January and February 2013. Invitations were sent via email to a random sample of 4,809 WorldatWork members. The survey closed with more than 800 responses and an 18% response rate overall; slightly higher than typical response for our surveys. The demographics of the sample and respondents are similar to the association’s membership as a whole: the average member works at the managerial level or higher in the headquarters of a large company in North America.

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  • 2013
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