Tools for HR, Compliance and Reference Needs

Your WorldatWork membership gives you exclusive access to the tools below, which can help you quickly and efficiently accomplish key HR and compliance tasks, and quickly find reliable reference information. Leverage these tools to get speedy answers to timeless questions and get on with your day!

HR Tools
Salary Data Center

Whether you need the most reliable HR-reported source of up-to-date salary benchmarking data or want to look at total compensation for your top executives against multiple peer groups, WorldatWork members can get started for free with and Main Data Group.

Salary Benchmarking

WorldatWork members get free, unlimited access to compensation and pay structure reports for more than 800 jobs. Readily find the information you need by sorting nationally, by state and by metropolitan area. (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

(*Data is U.S. focused and may have limited access outside of the U.S)

Real-Time Labor Market Intelligence

WorldatWork members now have instant access to two powerful tools that provide the comprehensive, real-time pay data needed to keep up with the evolving talent market: WageScape and Squirrel.

Total Comp Statement Builder

Quickly and easily build personalized statements that show your employees the total value of compensation and benefits they receive from your organization. Enter the relevant data and this tool presents them in a clean, easy-to-understand format.

(*Data is U.S. focused and may have limited access outside of the U.S)

Sample Job Descriptions

Take the faster, easier path to hiring your next new recruit! Search these sample job descriptions by job title or job family to find the ones you need. Move forward confidently knowing the terminology and criteria for your new positions are current and up to date.

(*Data is U.S. focused and may have limited access outside of the U.S)

Performance Review Builder

Create performance reviews that are customized to your needs while ensuring that assessment criteria and rating language are applied consistently across the organization. This tool includes sample performance standards to help speed you through the process.

(*Data is U.S. focused and may have limited access outside of the U.S)

Custom Job Description Builder

Easily create customized job descriptions tailored to your organization’s needs. Select from a list of tasks, activities and skills for each job — or add your own. Results are presented in a clean, standardized format that ensures consistency.

(*Data is U.S. focused and may have limited access outside of the U.S)

US Compliance Tools
Pay Equity and Transparency Laws listed by state and local jurisdiction
Pay Equity Laws by State — Are You in Compliance?

Manage your organization’s pay equity using articles, webinars, courses, research and certifications. Quickly see a concise summary of the pay equity protections (state and local laws on pay equity, salary history and pay transparency) in place.

Multi-State Laws Comparison Tool

Designed for multistate employers, this tool helps you understand the potentially intricate web of state and federal laws for employers. Quickly create customized charts that compare federal and state laws across the topic areas you select.

(*Data is U.S. focused and may have limited access outside of the U.S)

FMLA Advisor

Effectively navigate the complexities of the Family and Medical Leave Act and tackle potentially sensitive situations with ease and skill. This tool makes it easy to find up-to-date information from the Department of Labor so you can understand and manage your company’s legal responsibilities.

FLSA Implementation Toolkit

On April 23, 2024, the U.S. DOL issued final rules that will raise the FLSA's minimum annual salary threshold. Visit this toolkit for additional details and tools.

This toolkit includes a variety of resources to help you implement the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) regulations. These generic templates were designed to aid you through the implementation process and reflect changes to FLSA exemption tests that were published on April 26, 2024.

Reference Tools
Compensation Committee Toolkit

Access more than 35 best-practice templates, examples and resources on topics that typically land on compensation committee agendas throughout the year.  If you have wondered how your peers have addressed an issue you’re facing with their compensation committees, this toolkit provides helpful guidance.

Key Rewards and Business Formulas

The right formula can save you countless hours of work, ensuring accuracy and consistency over time. These sample formulas are designed to help WorldatWork members get started on developing great formulas that produce reliable outcomes.

Glossary of Key Rewards and HR Terms

Curated by the WorldatWork staff, this glossary can help you get up to speed quickly. Whether you are new to managing people and rewards, or are moving into an unfamiliar area, this glossary will help you quickly find reliable definitions for key terms.

Proxy Tables Checklist

Developed by senior leaders in executive compensation for their own teams, the Proxy Tables Checklist serves as a guide of key items to consider before and during the drafting of your company’s proxy statement.

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