Better Sales Comp Consultants

BSC is the industry’s premiere boutique sales compensation plan assessment and design firm. Our delivery teams uniquely feature only senior contributors with an average of 28 years of sales compensation and sales effectiveness experience, utilizing a hands-on, flexible, and collaborative consulting model.

Founded in 2009 by senior leaders Clinton Gott and Ted Briggs, the BSC’s core group includes Joe Clarkson and a network of highly experienced contributors. Our backgrounds include senior roles at Willis Towers Watson, AGI, and Sibson, and we helped craft many of the leading concepts those firms still promote in their offerings today.

BSC has designed new plans for a wide range of companies across industries and continents. Our design guidance is deeply rooted in cross-industry best practices applied uniquely and specifically to each client’s unique needs and situation. 

What’s the BSC difference?

Senior-Level Guidance and Delivery

BSC only staffs extremely seasoned resources for every project step and detail.

Best Practices Knowledge with Real-World Application

Established through hundreds of client experiences, we uniquely understand and are able to apply cross-industry best practices pragmatically and effectively to each unique situation.

Sales Compensation Education

BSC teaches our clients about sales compensation concepts and best practices to ensure your understanding and confident plan design decisions for today and tomorrow.

Collaboration and Consensus Building

Crafting effective sales compensation plan designs takes a “village”. Plans live at the intersection between sales, finance, human resources, and other senior stakeholders. We understand diverse functional interests and use a collaborative consulting approach that drives consensus and builds faith in your optimal plan design decisions.

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